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For a B2B company, the real challenge begins AFTER your prospect becomes a customer.

The Kaizen movement of the 70's used by lean manufacturers like Toyota to outperform and outcompete its global rivals is still alive today. Similar initiatives like Agile are growing in popularity. In an increasingly competitive global landscape, a successful business has to master the practice of continual assessment and improvement.

Customer Kaizen helps B2B companies adopt kaizen principles and practices into their Customer Success playbooks. The Kaizen Way is simple, timeless, and effective:

  1. Align stakeholders on the importance of a meaningful, measurable outcome
  2. Define the measurable outcomes to achieve
  3. Develop the practice and tools to achieve the outcome
  4. Do the work
  5. Assess the results and improve the practice
  6. Periodically revisit the practice and ask, "Do we still need this?"


About Me

Customer Success is a strategy to proactively define the customer's value realization journey. I help B2B SaaS companies design, launch, and manage effective Customer Success functions that help win deals, turn customers into vocal advocates, and provide product with ongoing actionable insights. 

Let's talk: paul@customerkaizen.com