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Practicing profitable customer success

Designing Your Premium Success Offerings

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SaaS customers will gladly pay an additional fee to insure they realize more value faster, with less effort and while getting better results. To convince them to do so, you have to explain how you’ll do it.

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5 Steps to a Premium Customer Success Program

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The first step in launching a successful premium service is to explicitly define the problems you’re trying to solve for your customers. For each problem or opportunity, define one or more measurable goals that solve the problem. To make this step more efficient, record KPIs you may use to measure goal achievement.

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Why Customer Success Owns Training

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Lets face it – if you are a cost center, you are a second class citizen.  Customer Success teams that operate as a cost/support center will suffer from the step-child syndrome.  Here is one tip to break out of this syndrome and deliver value to your customers.

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Do I Really Need to Manage Up?

Managing expectations is a critical part of your job.  In part, this involves setting up quantitative and qualitative metrics that you use to report on your performance so that you can clearly communicate your progress early and avoid surprise.  But that is not all.

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Vision or Visionary

The advent of the subscription economy has forced every department in the company to come together to ensure the success of the customer. Silos have been broken. Companies now take a holistic view of the customer. Customers are happier. So are the companies.

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About Me

Customer Success is a strategy to proactively define the customer’s value realization journey. I help B2B SaaS companies design, launch, and manage effective Customer Success functions that help win deals, turn customers into vocal advocates, and provide product with ongoing actionable insights. 

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