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When capital and customers are most scarce, CEO/founders are hyper-focused on developing and selling a product–and completely under-estimate the value and importance of delivery and service after they push code to the server. And yet, according to a study by Zendesk, participants ranked customer service as the #1 factor impacting vendor trust.

Customer Kaizen helps young companies extract maximum value from every customer relationship by:

  • Helping CEOs/founders develop their Customer Success launch strategy
  • Expediting finding product / market fit
  • Turning users into vocal advocates and partners with your Product team
  • Operationalizing, and scaling customer service affordably
  • Turning a cost center into a brand and revenue building machine
  • Retaining key employees / attract top talent

Listen to these experts:

  • According to CB Insights, 42% of startups fail because there’s no market need–company failed to identify and fill value gaps
  • According to numerous sources, customers are far more likely to leave negative reviews and tell more people when they experience poor customer service–making it harder to acquire new customers

I’ve solved these problems, repeatedly:

  • I’ve started from scratch or rebuilt customer success functions at multiple high growth B2B enterprise SaaS startups
  • Profoundly improved NPS scores from negative double-digits to high 60s; reducing churn by half
  • Helped close 6-figure deals with sizable service engagements while the product was still in Beta
  • Built high-performing teams of A players that grow into company leaders