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Customer Kaizen helps B2B SaaS companies leverage customer success to be more competitive and more profitable. I provide the following services:


Customer Success Strategy & Organizational Design

Profitable customer success requires a strategy is based on where your company and product are today, and where you want to be in 6 to 12 months. Mistakes companies frequently make that I can help you avoid:

  • Don’t think critically about customer success and invest in short-term solutions that hamper value realization
  • Invest in reactive approaches, like support, that distance yourself from the customer
  • Develop a second-class citizenship mentality in your service/support teams

Let’s use my customer success maturity assessment to understand where you are today, and what we need to deploy and scale a profitable success strategy.


Customer Journey Mapping and Segmentation

One size does not fit all customers. Your success depends on having an accurate and actionable understanding of the customer’s requirements for each phase of their journey. It differs per segment and role. Does your Customer Success function have a success plan that efficiently leads each customer segment to value realization?


Onboarding: First Step to Renewing

Efforts to renew your customer begins the moment the customer signs up. The first 30 days are the most important in your relationship. Do you know how effective your onboarding program is? Do you know how long it takes for each customer to realize value? What does your customer think of your onboarding experience? Onboarding customers effectively must become a core competency for you to scale profitably.


Hiring, Training, Coaching, and Retaining Top Customer Success Talent

According to LinkedIn, Customer Success was a top promising career in 2018, with year over year growth of 91%. More and more people are trying to break into the field. Are you hiring the best talent? Are you growing and developing your CSMs? More and more top performers seek a career in Custome Success due to it’s proximity to the customer, personal fulfillment capacity, and potential for career growth. More and more companies are realizing their next leaders are “A” players coming from Customer Success and investing appropriately. Are you? Let me help you find, develop, and retain the best talent.


Developing and Running Profitable Services

The argument of “do you charge for customer success” ended years ago. A  competitive SaaS company must have as a core competency developing, launching, and running profitable services. Doing so allows you to let customers define custom packages that meet their exact needs. Many customers want a dedicated CSM or Technical Account Manager and are willing to pay for appropriately. Few program managers want to risk their careers by not having a domain and solution expert as a key partner whose own success is tied to theirs. I will teach your organization how to design, implement, and launch a premium service.


Interim Customer Success Executive Leadership

Do you need the experience of a seasoned Customer Success executive but can’t fund the role just yet? Is your CS leader taking a leave? I act as an interim VP of Customer Success for companies that need all the services listed here for a short period of time. This short duration but high impact engagement usually lasts 3 to 6 months.


Self-Service Success

Scalable and profitable Customer Success is predicated on the ability of a company to enable a self-service experience that anticipates and addresses all the key questions customers have. Not just cost-conscientious buyers, but discerning enterprise buyers measure a vendor’s maturity by its self-service capability. I can help you design and launch a well-integrated self-service experience that will improve CSAT, reduce First Response and Full Resolution times, and measurably improve NPS. Your Product and Engineering teams will also thank you for the insights and feedback your Support team starts publishing.


Customer Success Software/Technology Implementation

Data and functional silos are the enemies of customer-facing teams. A well designed technical stack allows each customer-facing team to have all the data and tools they need to be effective. Reduced TCO, increased ROI, and more engaged, satisfied employees are key benefits from a properly design customer-centric technology strategy.